Slip, Trip and Fall on Floors

Americans spend about $50 billion per year on medical expenses and loss of work from falling on floors. This week, “Business Week” magazine relates the story of Amber Morris, who walked into a Costco store , slipped and hit her right knee on the floor with such force that she...

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by November 8, 2021

Your Snowstorm Safety Net

Your Snowstorm Safety Net There are times when you just have to go out in a snowstorm.  And no one knows that better than us:  residents of the North Country of New York!   Maybe you’re running low on food; or maybe you’ve been called out to help a family member...

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by February 9, 2021

Motor Vehicle Accidents — What To Do? Part One

An automobile accident is one of the most shocking and traumatic experiences that a person can endure.  The suddenness of the accident and the violence of the crash are memories that do not fade with time.  Though cars are being made to protect occupants, devastating injuries still occur with alarming...

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by September 14, 2019

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