Choosing the Right New York Car Accident Attorney for You

By June 6, 2022

wooden referee hammer and car keysBeing involved in an auto accident is never pleasant, even if you are not at fault. If you have experienced bad
car accidents injuries and are in need of a New York auto accident attorney, turn to Poissant, Nichols, Grue,
Vanier & Babbie for the protection and representation you deserve. After an auto accident, knowing how to choose the right car accident attorney in Northern New York is
essential to help with getting you the judgment and compensation you deserve. When you are searching for
a personal injury lawyer in the North Country of NY, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you are
hiring a representative that is right for you and your case.

Use Referrals and Recommendations

One of the best ways to seek out an auto accident lawyer no injury or an attorney who specializes in auto
accidents that include injuries is to use referrals and personal recommendations from family members and
friends. Recommendations go a long way from those you trust, especially when you are unsure of where to
begin. When using a referral or a recommendation from a friend or relative regarding potential New York car
accident lawyers, keep the following in mind:

• What type of case did your friend or relative require an attorney for?
• Does the attorney they are recommending cover the type of case(s) you are involved in and require
representation in?
• What was the outcome of your friend or relative’s case with the attorney they have recommended
by their side?
• Does the attorney that is being recommended to you have a good track record when dealing with
auto accidents in New York?
• Does the attorney you are thinking of hiring specialize in both auto accidents with and without
sustained injuries?


Spend time researching potential attorneys you are thinking of hiring as your own after you have been
involved in an auto accident. Hiring just any attorney you discover with a quick Google search can result in an
outcome that is less than desirable. When you take the time to research who the right car accident attorneys
of Northern New York, ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not you are on the right
track with your decision:

• What type of cases does this attorney take on? Do they have experience with auto accidents that are
similar to my own?
• Does the attorney I am thinking of hiring have experience when it comes to the type of injuries, I
have sustained in my car accident?
• Is it important that the attorney I choose to hire has experience as a personal injury lawyer in
Northern NY rather than in any other area of the state of New York?
• Where is the firm for the attorney, I am thinking of hiring located and is it possible for me to travel
there whenever necessary for my case?
• Does the attorney I am considering hiring have a positive record with my type of case?
• Are there verifiable reviews and testimonials for the attorney I am thinking of retaining and hiring for
my case?

Schedule a Free Consultation

Whenever you are battling with a legal dispute, it is best to schedule a free consultation with a law firm
and/or attorney you are considering retaining. A free consultation with a Northern New York car accident
attorney can provide valuable insight into your case as well as what steps you may need to take in the
process. You can come to our offices or we can go to you, whether you are in Canton, Potsdam, Ogdensburg,
Massena, Malone, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake Plattsburgh, Chateaugay and all points in between.

Fee Arrangements

A free consultation with a car accident attorney right in Northern New York can help you to better
understand what fees are required to retain your lawyer as well as other costs that may be incurred based on
the specific details of your case.

Share Documents and Evidence

Take advantage of a free consultation with a New York auto accident attorney by bringing documents that
are considered evidence for your case along with you. Sharing documents and evidence can help to find an
attorney who is well-suited for the type of case you present to them.

At Poissant, Nichols, Grue, Vanier & Babbie, we can help you to find the best course of action for your case
based on the specific details relevant to the accident and injuries you have sustained. If you are searching for
the right attorney to represent you after an auto accident in the state of New York, contact us for more
information and to schedule your free consultation today

All initial personal injury consultations are free. Contact our office regarding any matter at any time.

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