Emotional and Mental Issues Caused by Car Accidents in New York

By June 20, 2022

young man after car accidentBad car accidents injuries can be devastating for someone both physically and mentally. It can be difficult to
recover from a car accident injury when the symptoms of your condition are invisible to the naked eye. Sadly,
there are many people that suffer from car accidents that go on to develop emotional and mental issues
following their accident. A trained car accident attorney who lives and practices in the North Country of New
York offers can help reduce the stress following an accident by arguing for a big settlement to help you treat
your mental illnesses, alleviating stress about a case, and guiding you through every step of the way.

At Poissant, Nichols, Grue, Vanier & Babbie, we have an auto accident lawyer who lives right in the area of
Northern New York. Read on below to see how our New York car accident lawyers can help you recover
from your mental illness and emotional distress after an accident.

File Paperwork so you don’t Have to

Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of a personal injury lawsuit is having to file paperwork on time and
through appropriate channels. Without help from a legal representative, this task can seem almost
impossible to do, and it can lead to mounting stress after an accident.

A lawyer will help alleviate your mounting levels of stress and handle all the technical aspects of a personal
injury case for you. This means you’ll have more time to focus on healing inside and out, instead of worrying
about your court case.

Talk to Medical Experts

It can be easy to see broken bones and bruises following a car crash, but emotional damage and mental
illnesses can be quite difficult to detect. For instance, people with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD,
following an accident might not know their symptoms are due to this anxiety disorder.
There are other subtle clues that indicate mental illness following an accident, including:

• Depression
• Fatigue
• Anxiety, even when not driving
• Avoiding going on trips and limiting your life
• Angry outbursts that can be a symptom of PTSD

Your New York car accident attorney will get you set up with the best team of medical experts to review your
mental illness and provide suggestions for your future settlement. With their help, a Northern New York auto
accident attorney can help prove your mental illness will need continued follow-up care and treatment, thus
helping you get a bigger settlement.

Determine the Level of Emotional Damage You’re Undergoing

If you want to begin a case for emotional damage, your lawyer can also help you know what the appropriate
steps are to take and gather evidence for you. Will you need witness statements that can testify to your
behavior before and after an accident? Are medical records including those listing medications enough?
With so much stress going on after an accident, you’ll need a car accident lawyer at your side to do all this
difficult evidence gathering for you and help you win during an emotional damages case.

Argue on your Behalf

You can argue with insurance agencies for a settlement, but this might prove to be fruitless without the help
of a lawyer. Many insurance agencies might not recognize mental illness or emotional damage as grounds for
a settlement. They might also attempt to low-ball you and offer a cheap settlement in return for your

A car accident attorney in New York will mediate with insurance companies so you can get the settlement
you’re truly entitled to. These attorneys are trained in recognizing deceitful tactics and are available to help
you prove your case of emotional damage and injuries to an insurance agency.

Present Your Case to a Court Jury or Judge

If your case must be presented in front of a judge and jury, there’s no better expert to have by your side than
a trained car accident injury lawyer. Your attorney can help win your case in front of a jury by using their
specialized skills to sway the jury in your favor, present key evidence, and work with the judge to get the best
settlement for you.

Get Professional Help From the Most Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer that
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