How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You After a Car Crash

By May 23, 2022

personal injury lawyerMillions of car crashes occur every single year in the United States, with many of them leading to some type
of injury. In New York between 2010 and 2014, there were over 12,093 hospitalizations that occurred due to
a bad car accident. Whether you suffered an emotional injury or long-lasting damage due to a car crash, it’s important to get an
auto accident lawyer in New York that can help you get justice. With the help of an auto accident lawyer we
will do our utmost best to ensure that your injury will achieve a settlement based upon the law of the State
of New York. Read on below to see just how crucial it is to have a trained attorney who is familiar with our
area and our courts at your side.

Collect Evidence

One of the most important things to do after an accident is to collect evidence to use in court cases later on.
Collecting evidence can help the courts and insurance agencies determine who is at fault if you suffer bad car
accidents injuries. Your Northern New York auto accident attorney knows what evidence to collect, for the
Courts in St. Lawrence County, Clinton County, Franklin County and Essex County including:

• Pictures of the crash
• Witness statements
• Expert advice
• Video camera footage

Talk with Medical Experts

As attorneys from Northern New York who deal with car accidents all the time, we can also help you get the
settlement you deserve by talking with medical experts. Medical experts and your doctors, can help
determine what follow-up medical care you will need, potential expensive procedures such as surgery and
physical therapy, and other treatment options.

By talking to medical experts, your Northern New York car accident attorney can gather evidence to help you
get the biggest settlement possible.

File Appropriate Paperwork

By getting help from some of the best car accident attorneys in the North Country of New York has to offer,
you can ensure your settlement is filed on time and reaches the courts before it’s too late. In New York, there
are strict laws for when you can file for a personal injury case, how long after an accident you can file for, and
what type of paperwork must be turned in.

It’s important to follow any regulations and laws regarding your personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury
attorney in Northern NY has will file all appropriate paperwork on your behalf, taking the stress out of your
court case.

Argue for Higher Settlement

Based on who was at fault, any emotional damage, lasting medical injuries, and the other person’s income,
these factors can all determine how big of a settlement you get following an accident. Your lawyer knows just
what laws are in place to support your rights, and they understand just how much of a settlement is enough
for your injuries.

In addition, most lawyers work on contingency, meaning they don’t get paid unless they win a settlement in
court. This means that your lawyer wants you to win big, and you both can reap the benefits from the
settlement you deserve!

Fight On Your Behalf

Insurance companies don’t want to offer huge payouts to the victims of car crashes. Instead, many insurance
companies might not acknowledge the full extent of the damage that happened to you or your property. It
can be intimidating not knowing who to talk to about getting a bigger settlement. In some cases, insurance
companies will offer a staggeringly lower settlement offer in hopes of it appeasing you and will not offer any
more settlement money after.

It’s important to get the help of a lawyer who can fight for your rights and your settlement against big-named
insurance companies. An attorney won’t stop until you are given the settlement you are entitled to based on
your injuries, emotional damage, and other factors. They will do everything possible to settle your case out of
court and mediate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Represent You in Court

It’s a misconception that all personal injury cases are taken to court. Many of them can be settled outside of
court. However, a trained lawyer can help fight on your behalf in front of a jury and judge should your injuries
ever prove to be extensive, and you are not given a fair settlement.

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