Slip, Trip and Fall on Floors

By November 8, 2021

Americans spend about $50 billion per year on medical expenses and loss of work from falling on floors.

This week, “Business Week” magazine relates the story of Amber Morris, who walked into a Costco store , slipped and hit her right knee on the floor with such force that she dislocated her kneecap.  Her fiancé assisted her, took a photo of the grease on the floor, (caused by rotisserie chicken grease coating the floor where she fell) and brought her to the hospital.  She went in for surgery and never came out.  At age 39, during emergency surgery for the knee, she developed a blood clot in her heart and died.


According to “Bloomberg Law” 60% of all lawsuits against Walmart is due to people who have claimed to fallen in their stores and assert that there was some type of obstruction, depression or substance on the floor that caused them to fall.

If you have fallen at a business and have been seriously hurt, you owe it to yourself to contact us.  We can tell you if you have a claim that is worth pursuing, and we can give you a roadmap so that you know what you can do to protect your rights and protect your family.  Whether that injury takes place in Canton, NY; Potsdam, NY; Malone, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Plattsburgh or anywhere else in the North Country, give us a call at 518 483 1440 or tel:1866 376 0971.  We are here to help!

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